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SAMSCO (Spartan Armstrong Metering Supply Company) is a manufacturer's representative providing metering products and utility services such as meter test equipment, transformer test equipment, voltage testers, instrument transformers, an AMI system, software, ruggedized laptops and tablets, and more.  Based in South Carolina, SAMSCO covers the Carolinas, Tennessee and Kentucky.  SAMSCO has more than 35 years of experience in the utility industry and can assist in finding the right solution for each utility's own unique needs.


Desktop Meter Test Station 2990
Desktop Meter Test Station 2990

SAMSCO - Spartan Armstrong Metering Supply Company

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TESCO Safety Disconnect Device (Catalog No. 1038)

TESCO’s Safety Disconnect Device (Cat. 1039) allows you to safely disconnect or reconnect power using the meter’s remote disconnect from the palm of your hand.  This Safety Disconnect Device can also be utilized as a meter probe.

TESCO’s portable safety disconnect device allows you to safely disconnect power using the meter’s remote disconnect from the palm of your hand without removing the meter from the socket.

COST EFFICIENT: Perform Disconnect Testing without the need for more expensive test equipment in the lab.

EASY TO USE: The device will light up when you align the device with the meter, letting you know it’s working.

SAFE and SECURE: Utilities download a security password through a PC interface to the Safety Disconnect Device.

CONVENIENT and PORTABLE: TESCO’s ergonomic design fits in the palm of your hand during use, and can be stored in a toolbox in your work truck.

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